Image: Small produce and food vendors on Wulumuqi Road in Shanghai’s Former French Concession. © Maura Elizabeth Cunningham.

What’s So Great About China
by Maura Elizabeth Cunningham

[…] The country’s lure, as Orville Schell writes in his post at the ChinaFile Conversation mentioned above, is far more abstract, and often confusing. All of us who spend extended periods of time here, he writes, “can be impressed at the same time as we endlessly carp over the long lists of things that are unjust, wrong, broken or just plain uncivilized.” Every once in a while, it’s refreshing to balance out the reports on what’s going wrong in China by explaining how many things are—often against the odds—going right.

Cunningham makes some good points in exploring many expats’ love-hate relationship with China.