“Sometimes a Westerner will say to channel the thirties or forties during a photo shoot,” says New York-based model Xiao Wen Ju. “I want to tell them what China was up to then…it would terrify them!” She’s referring, of course, to the violent upheaval of a 3,000-year-old dynastic system, civil war, Japanese aggression, and Communist rule that characterized much of China’s past century.


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Need a new look for spring? Get some fashion inspiration from Valerie Luu and Andria Lo’s street fashion feature for thebolditalicsf.


The majority of weekends in my 20s.

The majority of weekends in my 20s.

How I leave awkward conversations at parties.

How I leave awkward conversations at parties.

“Grades are not a reflection of well-being.”

The description of this affluent Boston suburb reminds me a lot of where I grew up on the other side of the country: a school district composed of high-achieving Asian-American students from immigrant families with high expectations. The article touches upon cultural clashes between parents and their more Westernized children but primarily focuses on how teens who take on rigorous course loads, in addition to schedules already packed with extracurricular activities, often suffer the stress in silence. Not to mention the pressure such a competitive atmosphere must foster. It does raise questions about what is a healthy learning environment and how do we measure success beyond test scores.


Someone needs to write a YA book (series?) about these guys and the wacky hijinks I imagine they get up to. #nerdpower

“I like this line: ‘Even the brightest of Shanghai’s blue fall days had been compromised by a thin line of haze, like the giveaway bloodshot eyes of an alcoholic.’ Having spent three years in Shanghai, as a kid and then later, after college, I always felt bullied by the pollution. It was so satisfying to come up with a description of the haze that emphasized the underlying sadness and helplessness of its presence, the way it could drag even the most gorgeous days down.”

Brittani Sonnenberg on her forthcoming novel, Home Leave

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