1. “It’s Okay” | The Land of Talk
2. “Bad Girls” | M.I.A.
3. “Grown Woman” | Beyoncé 
4. “More than a Woman” | Aaliyah
5. “What About Your Friends” | T.L.C.
6. “Hundreds of Sparrows” | Sparklehorse
7. “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” | Stars
8. “Climax” | Usher
9. “Fresh Off the Runway” | Rihanna
10. “No More” | 3LW
11. “Survivor” | Destiny’s Child
12. “Modern Girl” | Sleater-Kinney
13. Album: We Brave Bee Stings and All | Thao
14. “Bad Girls” | Solange
15. “Time to Pretend” | MGMT
16. “I Feel It All” | Feist
17. “Crooked Smile” | J. Cole
18. “Forrest Gump” | Frank Ocean
19. “Stillness is the Move” | Dirty Projectors
20. “NYC Bitche$” | Awkwafina


“Certain kinds of fiction on submission will automatically generate more attention, be read more empathetically, and upon publication be reviewed far more extensively, than other kinds of books because the gatekeepers, be they from Radcliffe or elsewhere, come from a more homogenous background and of course will be more interested in books that speak to their own experiences.”

Mr. Jefferson identified a similar homogeneity at prestigious publications, whose mastheads he said were often dominated by “people whose backgrounds afforded them the opportunity to live in New York City and work for a pittance while they made their way up.” He added, “Our society loses a great many creatives who just can’t afford to create.”

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Best line in a movie EVER.
“…he clung desperately to the routine of study for the slight relief it gave from the suffocating middle-class guilt which he still felt, so pointlessly, about his life of idleness.”
— Antal Szerb, Journey by Moonlight
No-No Boy by John Okada is getting a new edition with a foreword by Ruth Ozeki courtesy of University of Washington Press!

No-No Boy by John Okada is getting a new edition with a foreword by Ruth Ozeki courtesy of University of Washington Press!


"For love, there has to be a distance across which the lovers can approach one another. The approach is of course just an illusion, because love in fact separates people. Love is polarity. Two lovers are the two oppositely charged poles of the universe."


Following a certain geographical pull, she travelled to Paris, as people often do when they have no hopes or plans but wish to start a new life.


Everyone has one age that’s just right for him, that’s certain. There are people who remain children all their lives, and there are others who never cease to be awkward and absurd, who never find their place until suddenly they become splendidly wise old men and women: they have come to their real age.


If a woman likes you and gives herself to you, it doesn’t cost a penny. Feeling happy from time to time, that doesn’t cost you a penny. The only things that do cost money are peripheral, the external trimmings of happiness, the stupid and boring accessories. Being in Italy costs nothing, but what does cost money is travelling here, and having got here, sleeping with a roof over your head. Having a woman who loves you doesn’t cost money, only that meanwhile she has to eat and drink, and dress herself up so that she can then get undressed. But the petty-bourgeoisie have lived so long by supplying one another with unimportant things with a cash value they’ve forgotten the things that aren’t to be had for money, and they attach importance only to things that are expensive. That is the greatest madness.


She had not changed in the slightest. Love preserves one moment for ever, the moment of its birth.


How distressing that the most sublime moments and stages of our lives can be approached only with the most banal expressions; and that, probably, these are indeed our most banal moments.

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